• Alison Kerr

A good day to be alive!

We are coming to the end of our season here at Flowerburn so today Betty and i went for our morning walk earlier than usual. We set off down to the beach and the 'Carse' this is an area of salt marsh not far from Flowerburn, what a beautiful morning it was! not a sole to be seen and the waves were 'crashing' in and making that rustling noise as they swept over the pebbles. Betty loves it at the Carse, i have to be honest not so much for the beach but more for the rabbits that have made their homes in and amongst the dunes! Anyway, as we headed home we met a few friends along the way which always means treats for Betty and chat for me.

Once home it's out with the washing and coffee time and today we sat in the garden contemplating just how lucky we are....the sun was shining, the birds were singing and the garden still looks lovely even though Autumn is just round the corner. Sometimes it's just nice to do nothing!

This photo kind of sums up the was taken this summer by two lovely guests who stayed with us for the second time. We shared lots of laughs and happiness, another good to be alive day! Thanks Claudia and Toby.x


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